Street food?!!

Some of you will raise your eyebrows upon hearing this word, right? Others may find it unfavorable to eat because of the usual norm ‘dirt‘ issue. Not all naman. Common peeps, we all grew up in a community where carinderia/food cart is present in our area so we can’t escape the reality of how it became part of our everyday lives. I tried it many times in the Philippines. My friends and I always pay a visit to our favorite isawan in town especially when we need to discuss some matter for any upcoming event. As the calendar shift from one number to another, street food shares popularity in the food industry. From a small table in barangay, to in-house venture in town and now making waves to some restaurant in the city it is obvious how the street food evolves to give us a different outlook.

Imagine our delight when we discover that Dubai has own version of street food market. Different from what we normally saw in an open area, Dubai street food is more exclusive, a bit pa-sosyal yet budget friendly and no question raised on how it is prepared. Nesting in the 1st floor of Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers, Creekside Japanese Restaurant offer a street food market every Saturday. Since Sheraton is a 5 star hotel I’m sure all food in each restaurant complies with highest standard.


Last June 13, our group of 10 excitedly flocks to Creekside Japanese Restaurant to try our 1st ever street food market. Wow! As in we’re all surprise to see the uncongested place, cheerful staffs and the varieties of food on display.


Since we pay for a buffet, we can get anything we want on each station. No limit. Eat all we can. Game!




It’s actually a great feast for us. Everything we see is so palatable. Of course, no isaw here but we got more pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine all in one place. Lahat masarap, promise! I heard only one positive complain: we want to eat more but our tummy is full. The dinner is not yet over but someone is thinking of reserving another date for this kind of treat.




We don’t see any dessert on display but the staff informed us that they will serve it as per request. Don’t worry, it’s free….Wohoooo…


A cup of green tea is always the best treat to end our food trip.


Our experience in Street Food Market is so astounding. The same way I enjoyed our street food trip in the Philippines it was a good catch to find it here in Dubai. We never thought satisfaction had staple with us from the time we seated till we went home. Thankful I say yes to this weekend treat.




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