day152: thought of getting an ice cream by yourself when someone did it for you.
day153: a salesman who untiringly assist the needs of each customer even though it was almost shop’s closing time.
day154: when you discover the place where to switch on/off 1 light.
day155: an officemate who inform you about the latest wasel promotion.
day156: an alternative source of entertainment found in your house.
day157: a hot chocolate serve while filing some papers.
day158: an opportunity to watch the episode of a talent search u missed yesterday.
day159: a lift you found in a place whereas you never imagine it could have.
day160: an effort given by your cousin for the birthday celebration of her son.
day161: a free ride offer by your colleague to brought you to the next meeting place.
day162: found a website where you can get a clear answer to some of your question.
day163: knowing your cousins reach your house without getting lost.
day164: lots of delicious food to choose from display.
day165: an inspirational love story shared on tv.
day166: a task suppose to take time were done in an instant because both doer and job giver arrive on the same spot.
day167: a follow up call from you colleague asking if you need help on your office work.
day168: the final memo circulated about the office hours that happily accepted by all employee.
day169: a new idea form when you saw a balloon in your cousin’s house which can be useful to your concept.
day170: a happy and long conversation with your fambam over dinner.
day171: watching the life testimony of a local actress.
day172: happy to found a specific ingredients in a small container.
day173: when there’s available taxi right after the midnight closing of metro train.
day174: a morning walk without much heat from the sun.
day175: knowing that an old phone number of your former officemate is still working.
day176: when you manage to buy the most requested seafood within few minutes before your cousin pick you up.
day177: a jump shot easily captured by your friend’s phone camera.
day178: the clothes that you wash were quickly dried because of direct exposure to sunlight.
day179: an ice cream cake that doesn’t melt easily.
day180: when you reach the desired points to be eligible for a discount coupon.
day181: try to en-route going home and found no traffic in the area.



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