Thinking where to spend your Iftar this 2015? Well, one of my co-worker suggests dining in Seasons – one of the prime restaurant nested in Pullman Hotel, Jumeirah Lake Towers. So last July 2, our whole team went there to celebrate our annual Iftar night. You can check below some reasons why you need to include Seasons in your list before Ramadan ends in a few days:



1. Place

I like how they keep it simple yet so chic. We are accompanied to Qamar El Layl – an outdoor tent connected to Terrace Lounge of La Vue Restaurant. There we saw the magical touch of Ramadan theme which is really good if you are coming with a big group. Since our team are less than 20, we better choose the main dining area of Seasons which has an advantage of getting closer to food station. It was easy for us to stand, get some food and dine in again in a repetitive routine.



Being there 1 hour before the opening, we got the chance to roam around and see other exciting view from this restaurant. Well, Seasons has an outdoor hallway that gives you Dubai Marina backdrop as you enjoy your alfresco dinner. I’m not sure if they open it that time because I was so busy attending my tummy’s needs. Haha.


2. Food

One of the best way to break fasting is eating natural sweets like Dates/Prunes/Dry Apricot serve initially on each table. Though the same sweets can be found in any supermarket there’s something special if it serves in a restaurant like Seasons.


If we are going out with this group, on top of the list is finding if they are serving meal suited for our vegetarian staff and this is where they excel. There’s a huge selection of salad/appetizers to choose from. No worries for non-veg like us because the array of main course is worth of your 2nd, 3rd come back. Every dish is cooked savoury and will entice you to get another plate. Seasons also serves camel meat which according to my colleague is always available in local’s wedding but here it is one hand closer to us. For drinks, I order cranberry fresh juice though orange, mango, pineapple and apple juice is also available upon request.


3. Price

It’s not new to us how Iftar buffet price increase tremendously. We are so lucky to find out that our company doesn’t need to pay extra beyond our allotted budget because Seasons offer an affordable price of AED119 per pax in eat-all-you-can style. Okay na di ba.

This is another Iftar night bonding session with my officemates. So thankful that we never fail to celebrate it even though we are facing some economic challenge this month. Good to know there’s still some¬†restaurant like Seasons who can accommodate us in a very simple way.


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