My friend is fan of Minions. Since it is showing all over UAE, she asked me yesterday if we can watch together after work. I said yes without thinking I’m not feeling well nga pala. For the past few days, sore throat and clogged nose was a bit challenge on my physical health but it doesn’t hinder me to keep on working because I know I can handle it gracefully. Kaya ko pa naman. This is the same reason why I agreed to watch Minions. If I can able to continue my daily activities with this condition in the office then no excuse not to go in a cinema.

Right after we reach our office, my friend excitedly told me she will book and reserve our ticket online. She even scores a good promo from Du Tuesday where you can get 2 movie passes for the price of 1.  I heard her sounding ‘yehey‘ response when I gave her the signal to proceed. She’s too excited for Minions.

I press my work mode and I’m sure she’s doing the same also.

I’m drinking Calamansi Juice with Honey as my prepared morning snack and well my way of self-medication when I started to feel a bit frozen. I’m wearing long sleeves already and decided not to turn on the AC (42 deg. outside) yet I feel cold. Minor headache and feverish feeling kick in afterwards. I’m not sure of actual body temperature that time but I had an instinct it is slightly high. Oh no. Is this an early symptom of flu?

How about Minions? I had a commitment to watch Minions with my friend. Maybe she already bought the ticket. After I saw her excitement I can’t turn her down just because of my unexpected flu. I can’t back out. A yes for me will remain yes till it’s officially done. I’m torn between my body who says stop and take some rest, my mind who keeps on the go and my heart who doesn’t want to hurt my friend. Come what may, I decided to just pretend 100% okay and come with her in a movie house later. I know deep inside I wish I could go home directly and take bed rest. Sigh.

My sluggish feeling didn’t change at all. I want to meet my bed at the soonest to get temporary comfort due to my current state of health. It will be good for  me if our movie bonding will be cancel but I know this thought is next to impossible.

Around 3pm when she call me.

ME: Hello.

FRIEND: Sorry, we can’t watch Minions today. I inquire earlier but they only had 4D Minions. Hindi ko akalain na uunahin nila ipalabas ang 4D. Akala ko sabay-sabay na.

ME: aaahhh…ok…me next time pa naman.

She hangs up the phone.

ME (whisper): God…thank you!!!

Then I realize my wish before I answer her call. Hoping for no commitment after work so that I can relax at home. It leads me to questioning myself: AM I MEAN to wish for something like that?

I can’t tell her straight that I’m not well and I don’t want be the cause of postponement. I’m also curious what will be the story for this part 2 movie so I choose to go with her despite of unhealthy situation. It seems there is a different Heavenly way of facing the cancellation without offending each other. He did it for us. All I know is she want to watch Minions but I never thought she prefer pala the standard one and not that 4D which is showing now on that particular cinema. She only knew I had colds but she was not informed that after I said yes a sudden inner heaviness  is trying to break my attention. I’m always on the go but this time a simple wish pops out in my mind. A wish I thought not possible. A wish that is timely granted. A wish that I consider miracle for me. A wish that reveals new MEAN-ing to me–He knows what is the desire of my heart and His plan is always better than our plan.

Proverbs 19: 21 Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.






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