My cousin was enjoying her 1 month vacation in the Philippines which left me with no option but to survive living alone in our room. Well, this is my 2nd time to experience the solitude. It is far better than my 1st. Imagine my 1st ever Christmas in Dubai and all my relatives was flying back home for holiday season and there I was facing all day/night without them. Whoahh…I can’t remember where I get my courage to stay alone in an empty house but I survived. Fast forward today, I only need to manage an empty room because other expats are also happily settled on the same house. Whether it is a room or a house the main question is you’re alone and how you will overcome the situation?

Here are my survival tips on being solo in your accommodation:

1. Hello Alarm Clock..wake me up
You don’t want to be late in your work. Since nobody is there to wake you up better to rely in your body clock or my morning buddy: alarm clock. Set the timer correctly with the right volume and voila…you’re ready to start your day.

2. Another 5 minutes..no more!
Hmmm..admit it we tend to sleep again after several beep from our alarm. I’m one of you. I’ll always have these “5 minutes more” habit but not this time that I’m on my own. There’s a chance that your 5 minutes will become 30 minutes and before you know it…you’re late. Once you hear the beep, please no more sleep.

3. Don’t forget the electrical socket
Your room is your private space. No other housemate will look after your room once you locked it. Ironing clothes, charging your battery, heating the kettle, etc is part of our daily routine so please double check the socket before you leave/sleep. Prevention is always better than sorry.

4. Instead of being lazy…be busy in the kitchen.
I knew some people end up buying/eating outside just because nobody’s home. Isn’t it a sign of busyness or laziness? It’s a matter of making time to do it. I know we’re all occupied with office work but we always have a choice of cooking either early in the morning or evening. If you don’t mind eating the same food again then you can cook food good for the whole day or even 2days and re-heat it during meal time. This way you’re sure it’s healthy and could save you from spending more.

5. Tap your Laptop
Okay you used to have somebody to talk with but this time your roommate is out of your sight. I feel your emptiness in the room but does it mean you will carry the loneliness every time you came home. No! Open your laptop and let it be your buddy for a while. You can talk/chat with some of your friends online. Listen to music or watch anything that will help you to comfort your aloneness.

6. Clean for the win
Try to do something productive especially now that you won’t receive any disturbance from somebody. Start with your closet. Make time for de-cluttering. Oftentimes, it is neglected due to the fact that we resorted to become busy if we know someone is moving around. Use your spare time to clean up your space. Not only has it helped you to throw those unwanted items but it also wipe out your boredom.

7. Relax and Reflect
This is the best time to analyze your self-being. There’s a saying that in silence you will find peace. Remember the feeling of getting enough sleep. You’re fulfilled. You’re re-charge. This is just the extension of that restrained moment but here you’re awake and trying to enjoy your new-found calmness. Read some books. Start journaling. Plan your dream. Make new hobby. Finish the unfinished. Talk to Him. Let your solitude moment be the bridge to discover your own self-worth.

8. Sleep early/wake up early
Sharing of stories is a common scenario in every room. In a rare chance like this where you have nobody to talk with or you’re done with those above-mentioned activities, then it’s time to pamper yourself with good sleep. It will help to re-gain your strength and have the backbone to face another solitary day.

I know you’re consumed with 8-5pm office hours and battling your lonesome at home is another certainty you’ll need to deal with. It’s okay. It’s temporary. It happens to everybody. After few days, your roommate will be back again. Just for this moment, I understand if you can’t be glad in your current situation but I hope you are not also totally sad. Always remember: you can be alone for now but not lonely.


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