day182: amaze by the humility of a two famous TV personality.
day183: found many selection of healthy food you’re looking for when you unexpectedly visit a supermarket.
day184: an effort done by a stranger to hold the door so that you enter the lift quickly.
day185: saw the gratefulness of a passenger when the driver waited for his entire family to catch the public bus.
day186: an Engineer who doesn’t mind to take photocopy of documents for his subordinate.
day187: when you can add more stuff because your cousin inform you about her extra baggage allowance.
day188: found new safety device install in the ATM machine where you always go for withdrawal.
day189: got a chance to buy 1 particular comfort food after completing your task for today.
day190: receive some soft copy of picture taken from your group bonding night.
day191: found a link where you can finally watch the latest in demand movie.
day192: knowing your friend was actively participating now in a social media.
day193: taking a wild guess to 1 question in a contest and surprise you answered it correctly.
day194: manage to reach your house despite having damage sandals.
day195: a homemade lemonade that taste good.
day196: saw a rare varieties of eggplant in the grocery.
day197: reuniting with some of your friend for a birthday celebration.
day198: a catch up feature in your subscription that enable you to watch you missed series yesterday.
day199: knowing your cousin reserve different design of paper bag for you.
day200: found an available parking space after 3times round in the area.
day201: no complain from your colleague though you came a bit late.
day202: got more time to take rest because of cancelled bonding.
day203: sharing your thought online about the good things that happen yesterday.
day204: when you cousin taste what you cooked for the first time and she said it was good.
day205: wake up with a breakfast ready in the table.
day206: found a new batch of free magazine in the metro station.
day207: knowing some of the chosen winners in 1 contest originated from your town.
day208: reserving your spot in a long queue while filling up new form.
day209: when you finally wear the dress hanging in your closet for a long time.
day210: when your top 2 personal task is completed on the same place and on the same day.
day211: a phone conversation with your cousin that make you laugh out loud.
day212: a lowest taxi fare incurred from/to a place far from your house.



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