We had a blissful afternoon weekend at The Walk. It was actually an urgent meet up with our family friend last friday who came all the way from Abu Dhabi to handover some important things to us. Aside from chatting with their family, that meet up gave us the opportunity to explore the beautiful The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence. I’ve been there few times but my astonishment on the place never gone less every time I step my feet on it. Luckily, our meeting point is near in Hilton Hotel which is a place totally new to me.

As the name suggest, walking is the best way to discover each street in The Walk. It has a long promenade where restaurants, café, shopping center and boutiques are too many to pay a visit.


one of the cafes....





I thought locals/tourists will avoid the area during midday (summer) because of extreme heat but I was wrong. People flock in no particular timing. The Walk seems busy day and night. Ps: I wait some people pass before I took the photos.



The raging UV rays was so high that afternoon so we decided to take a quick stopover in Reel Cinema, The Beach. Galing noh! I thought cinemas are always connected with shopping mall but here in The walk it was built separately and can be considered as successful establishment on its own.


There are plenty of restaurant in The Walk but my cousin insisted to visit Dubai Marina Mall instead. It’s her first time so I let her experience the less-crowded mall.



We were in the comfort of our house for the past weekends (months). As usual, going out and eating outside is a cheat day for us. Oh burger and French fries…its been long time since we had you in our table..nakaka miss din naman mag Mc Do.


Good to know that Dubai Marina Mall is connected to newly open Dubai Tram. We don’t know when will be our next escapade to this place so we better not to miss the chance of riding a Dubai Tram.


Dubai Tram is not as big (in terms of length/passenger’s capacity) as Dubai Metro but I know it was built for the convenience of passengers who want to stay away from the congested road of Dubai Marina/Jumeirah area. We’re all first timers so excitement kicks every time we stop on each station. Ansaya lang.


Dubai Tram (inside)

I really appreciate our experience because Dubai Tram is not crowded. Imagine we’re only few passengers in the train so we can move freely. We can even shift from one seat to another. Is it because of weekend or not rush hour? Anyway, it was a good catch at fare AED 3.00 from Dubai Marina Mall Station to Al Sofouh.

One of the perks of riding in a not so crowded train is the chance to see the external beauty of surrounding on your window seat.






More things/area are actually good spot for photo session but I decided to just enjoy the ride and do nothing. This Al Sofouh Station is the end of our Dubai Tram journey and we’re heading back to our abode.



This is how we spend our Friday afternoon trying our first on everything.


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