day213: a chance to see your deceased father in your dreams.
day214: an initiative of your co-employee to give you some work details without asking for it.
day215: when someone assume that you had a new dress even the truth was its really old stock from your closet.
day216: an opportunity to go back to your house to replace your damage footwear.
day217: reminiscing a happy memories of your college events by looking at your old photos.
day218: paying less for a more supply of food.
day219: when your niece and nephew were comfortable talking to each other thru Skype.
day220: a chance to take a quick nap in a 1 seater sofa.
day221: when your idea work to remove the cluttered in a sink.
day222: a re-consideration given to you after an unintentional miscommunication from your side.
day223: discover new store to shop for things you normally use at home.
day224: when your company driver come back to drop you to your desired place.
day225: your body clock awakes you when your alarm clock failed to do so.
day226: a cute design of dress wore by a local actress.
day227: a driver who show a leap of kindness when the passenger had short of transport fare.
day228: no sign of dirt patches in your room because your company office boy clean the area before the start of the week.
day229: score an extra points from 1 commodity you bought in the grocery.
day230: the cold air passing thru the window while cooking.
day231: when all pending task were finally put in action.
day232: found no reason to sleep while travelling because you and your friend were having a good conversation.
day233: discover the rules and regulation of 1 station by following a passenger who was familiar to the place.
day234: watching a contestant singing with overflowing emotion.
day235: when every task you plan were done in your allotted time frame.
day236: no need to get a can opener because you bought a canned good with easy open lid.
day237: finish your kitchen duties 30mins. earlier.
day238: the fact that your back to your normal wake up time because you don’t need to cook in the morning.
day239: see the place referred as old by your cousin was actually good for you after you seen it by yourself.
day240: when your niece appreciate the series your watching.
day241: saw a foreign visitor in one event who speak fluently of your native language.
day242: a beautiful sunset seen on the road.
day243: additional cashier was provided when they saw the queue was keep on lining up.



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