It’s our time to relax after 5 days of working. Time to bond and meet up with our cousins and friends who live from different part of UAE. It only means sharing good times with one another. This is how we spell excitement starting on Thursday night.

You know not all plan turn outs the way you expect it. Like what happen last weekend where everybody is heading to our cousin’s house. I volunteer to go to supermarket to buy fish since its on the same way where I wait for public bus going to their place while our host will pick up our other cousin who live in an exclusive village. No worries if I came first because she gave me a duplicate key. I was walking in the hallway towards my cousin’s house when I heard a sounds of rainfall and you know here in UAE, it takes small percentage of chance to have it. I open the door, turn on the light and got surprise with what I saw. It’s raining inside my cousin’s house. The water comes from the leaking storage tank in the bathroom. It is located in the ceiling so it was like a shower of rain. My slipper and bottom layer of my pants is drowning in water as I walk towards the sala. I immediately inform my cousin what’s happening in her house. She was also shocked when she heard it. Who would have thought that flood will occur in a place known for its dry season. Yes, it happen in the parameter of our house, at the moment we don’t expect it and at the time we are preparing for suppose to be ‘happy weekend’.

That scene could preempt our joy but it help us to realize there is a perfect reason why it happen and how to stay positive amidst unexpected situation. We set aside our weekend plan to clear first the weekend flood in our own house. In between cleaning and water-absorbing, we learn some insights on why we should remain grateful for what happen:

1. Water is clean. Instant general cleaning for us.
2. We can stay late just to clean the mess because we don’t have work the next day. It’s weekend, right.
3. The leakage started between 6 to 7pm when all of us is about to arrive. If is occur earlier, then neighbors will also be affected.
4. The whole flat might be cover with water but the small carpet below the dining table absorbs some of it causing to delay the process.
5. My cousin, the owner of the house, is not alone in facing this challenges. We’re there to help her.
6. Our innocent niece thinks it was kiddie swimming pool. She loves to play. It reminds us of how we spent our childhood kapag may baha.
7. More than an hour of cleaning is another form of exercise. Oh, sweet sweat!
8. Eating shawarma while our feet submerge in water is something we never done before.
9. The sounds of rainfall in the bathroom remind us of rainy season in the Philippines.
10. No complain, no body pain after cleaning.

This is how we started our weekend bonding. It differs from the way we figure it out but it makes sense to believe that there is always space of happiness in a flood-y room. We just charge it to experience. After all, it’s a beautiful rainfall.


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