day244: a morning greetings of ‘merry christmas’ from your officemate.
day245: when the amount of 1 item is less than your allotted budget.
day246: saw the person who assist you 2yrs ago is now promoted into high level job.
day247: watching a flock of bird from you kitchen window.
day248: knowing a new bus service is also passing to your place.
day249: a compilation of music playing in the radio while you’re on your way to the office.
day250: a worthy conversation start when you saw some things in the road.
day251: a simple clarification done by your cousin to help someone.
day252: a smile on a pre-schooler kid who’s waiting for his school bus.
day253: three heads is better than one when doing a household chores.
day254: when someone has a free time to drop off your cousin on her accommodation.
day255: found a newspaper where you can search for important matter.
day256: a free website that help you in editing your project.
day257: a private message from your cousin that ignite your desire to pursue your plan.
day258: waiting in an area under the shed of trees.
day259: the sweetness of one couple toward each other.
day260: no trash from last night was left out in the garbage can.
day261: when your cousin give way in the kitchen so that you can able to cook
day262: the bubbles formed when you brush your teeth creates laughter to your niece.
day263: a native word used by your mother that you fully understand and draw smile in your face.
day264: when a staff of one restaurant allow you to taste a newly added menu for free.
day265: a timely call from your cousin wakes you up after you turn off your alarm clock.
day266: you forgot the effect of uv rays because you’re having fun in an outdoor swimming pool.
day267: a good aerial shot done by a neophyte photographer.
day268: dressing up in less than 3 minutes to pursue the unplanned trip newly open establishment.
day269: found new option to advance in a game level.
day270: a joke that make others laugh out loud.
day271: a courtesy call from your officemate even she doesn’t need to do it.
day272: a delivery truck park near where you stand that lessen your exposure to sunlight.
day273: when someone decided not to tagged you along and do work on your behalf.


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