Most of us in our house work in 8-5/9-6pm office timing. It means we maximize the usage of bathroom in the morning with 15mins. interval for each person. Being the early riser in our group, I’m the first one who takes a bath while other are still in bed and the sun is on prep mode to shine. I used to switch on the light because it’s dark pa rin but today surprisingly it is not working. Oh my! I need to be inside no matter what.

I know every corner so even when I lock the door and the whole CR was in dim I can easily locate where to put my things. Though I can grasp those items I need I can’t erase the fact that light is off that particular moment. Wait! It’s not totally black out because when I look up in the small window I saw a beam of rays coming from the sun. A glimpse from outside helping me to continue what I was doing. A bit compares to what I  used to have everyday but it’s divine to feel how I am gently relief because of that.  Such light touches my sense of appreciation and leads me to finish my shower without any sign of complaint.

That no-light-in-the-bathroom scene is relatable on how we suppose to faced problem in our mundane life.

Problems, whether big or small, invites feeling of hopelessness specially when solutions is out of our sight. We often found ourselves struggling in a day to day challenge pointing us to question why we have to experience this situation.

We are trapped in a room full of uncertain circumstances.

Difficult to move.

Nowhere to go.

Fear of consequences.

Look likes we are confine in a no-glow life. How we wish we could see other color than black. How we always wish dilemmas don’t exist. In a chaotic spirit, we acknowledge the presence of initial despondent. We tend to give up easily. If there’s only a peek of light somewhere then it will make a difference. Yes, there is!

Don’t be afraid to step inside even you don’t know what will happen to you afterwards. Don’t hide yourself in the ocean of problems but have the courage to face it instead. Sometimes, we overlook the difficulties rather than check the opportunities behind. Be brave! You will never know what’s there if you didn’t try it. Who knows amidst predicament you’ll find the unexpected source of encouragement, helping hand to mentor you and a beacon of light to keep you going.

Let’s change the way we look on the dark room/life problem. This is not our permanent place. This too shall pass. Just look up and find the Natural light in that moment and be ready to immerse yourself in a more radiance world. (*,*)





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