day274: all of you rejoice when finally a contestant won a grand prize in 1 contest.
day275: knowing your cousin and you were easily connected online after a simple instruction.
day276: another bus came after you missed the other one.
day277: successful registration in 1 site without hassle.
day278: cooking the dish you learn from someone else.
day279: an officemate who inform you not to bring food because she will treat the whole group.
day280: watching the sun set while you are waiting in a gasoline station.
day281: the alertness of the driver in the middle of chaos.
day282: waking up a bit early prior to your alarm time.
day283: new air freshener was installed in the lift.
day284: no more blockage in the stairways when your going down on the ground floor.
day285: continue doing your work despite internet disconnection.
day286: a beam of light in the window that serves as your guide when the bulb in the bathroom is not working.
day287: finish your workload in a light mood because you know next day is holiday.
day288: extending your super late afternoon nap till sunset.
day289: when your cousin who doesn’t have day off today surprisingly came to attend your family event.
day290: no more leaking because new faucet was fix in the kitchen.
day291: all things you need to do in the morning were finish on the same time.
day292: when you finally receive the actual item you order online few weeks back.
day293: saw three persons holding a bouquet of flowers in 3 different place.
day294: an option you suggest was accepted by the group.
day295: the fun of impromptu visit to your cousin’s house.
day296: bought a coloring book at a very low price.
day297: eat a rarely cooked meal over dinner.
day298: no need to wait for so long because your colleague arrive on time.
day299: a cute toddler who say ‘hi’ to you as he pass by.
day300: a new website given by your cousin where you can catch up some series.
day301: giving way to someone to do his transaction first because you know you still have time to wait.
day302: a person who was excited if you will join in a group tour.
day303: a speaker who know how to awaken his audience thru his indoor exercise.
day304: forgot the distance of 1 place to another because you had someone to walk with.


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