I heard the opening of Denny’s in Al Ghurair Mall few months ago but I never had the chance to try it even once. So when my cousin and I plan to buy something in Carrefour (also in Al Ghurair) she unexpectedly ask me why not to dine in the same area since we’re spending our time there. I thought we’ll end up again in food court as our usual comfort zone but much to my surprise she wants to try different restaurant. O-oh, I absolutely recommended Denny’s because of (a) good review of my officemate (b) I want, hehe!

dens place

We easily got a table for two and the waiter urgently gave us the menu. It took a while before we confirm our order because every meal listed on it looks yummy and we’re left undecided which one to give it a try. Good thing that all staff are busy assisting other customers so we got more time to choose.

Denny’s, fyi, is all day dining resto located in Al Ghurair Mall. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and super late snacks. I’m not sure if they serve 24hrs now though I read it next to entrance door while waiting for our order. It’s a good news specially to those ‘night’ persons  because they have a good place to dine in any hour of the day.

Denny’s is known for their pancake meal so I order one for myself. I don’t care If I will eat breakfast meal in dinner . After all, most of the customers are trying it out at the same time. Best seller, perhaps.


                                                       CINNAMON PANCAKE

Aside from it, both of us share a plate loaded with what we normally quoted as set of breakfast dish.

Cost: AED 36 including pancake

                                           Cost: AED 36 including pancake

My cousin choose the BBQ chicken skillet as she thinks its perfectly match with carbs included in our breakfast meal.

Cost: AED 46

                                                              Cost: AED 46

We also try Denny’s version of Mozzarella Cheese Stick dip in Spaghetti/Ranch sauce which is a good appetizer.

Cost: AED 28

                                                                 Cost: AED 28

A bottle of water and a glass of fresh orange juice is enough to complete our breakfast while having dinner.

Cost: AED 19

                                                       Cost: AED 19


To cap off our dining experience at Denny’s, I could say it’s good we tried it with ourselves. We finally checked why lot of people recommended this place based on the following reasons:

  1. food taste so good
  2. big serving  that even 2 or 3 pax  can share in one meal
  3. price is definitely less than what you think
  4. an American ambience when you step inside
  5. eat-all-you-can pancake serve for a limited time
  6. open 24hrs (just in case you feel hungry in the middle of the night)

Another must-visit (again) restaurant is added on my list. Thank you Denny’s.  My much awaited breakkie in dinner experience in your place draws smile on my face. Till we meet again.


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