day305: a telephone conversation with your family back home that a bit longer yet you still have a remaining balance in your account.
day306: when you manage to wear your shoes without getting hurt.
day307: eating a cake that is not too sweet.
day308: successfully drain the pasta without using the strainer.
day309: a separate room provided by the staff when your group dine in in one restaurant.
day310: when someone choose to stay with you while watching TV at night.
day311: found out that the veggies served by your cousin is freshly picked from their garden and all organic.
day312: the taste of mango cake remain the same even it was store for many days in the ref.
day313: heard that all baggage of your cousin falls within the desired weight.
day314: just when you thought the dispenser is empty yet you still filled up your tumbler with remaining water.
day315: a rare chance to have half day from work due to celebration of Diwali.
day316: knowing everybody wants to help the person who was in unfortunate situation.
day317: got a coupon of particular food and happy to find out there is stall located in the mall next to your place.
day318: when two person can use the same email for registering in one site.
day319: convincing yourself to try new flavor other than your usual order.
day320: when a leftover food in the ref are still good to eat.
day321: able to pass the traffic by en-routing a lot of shortcut.
day322: a quick glance to an old building with a new lighting feature at the roof top.
day323: a friend of your cousin recognize and greet you when she saw you walking in the mall.
day324: answering the crossword puzzle completely for the very first time.
day325: the creative artworks of some students posted online.
day326: no more sounds created when closing the bathroom door.
day327: done cooking before the lpg gas become empty.
day328: the road that are congested during rush hour are now free from traffic.
day329: found a helpful tips online related to your goal.
day330: when your cousin finally understand the topic your referring to.
day331: you were in the elevated place when the fireworks begin.
day332: no worry even you came home a bit late because you know you can still catch the last bus.
day333: a big screen the mall that shows the history of the country instead of usual advertisement.
day334: a different way of presenting the receipt when you dine in a new restaurant.



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