UAE 44

Happy National Day, UAE!
It’s been Forty-four years in the history. Long weekend celebrations for us from Dec. 2 to 4. While other went out of town, I/we choose to stay at home, quick visit to mall, food trip and observe the holiday by doing the most simplest things.

To commemorate the 44 period, I listed here the 44 simple, bloopers, funny things I/we did during our day off:

1. Reading devotional mini-book while in bed.
2. Paratha for breakfast.
3. Urgent clean up because someone is dropping by to your house.
4. Meeting new friend.
5. Chit-chatting with your cousin’s officemate.
6. Re-using leftover as ingredients to home-cooked bow pasta.
7. Catch up some episode of tv series on your mobile.
8. Helping your cousin in preparing meal for dinner.
9. A Patchi chocolate wrap in UAE color as pasalubong.

10.Browse some catalog online.
11.Found out the place where to buy that toilet self-sticking (cleaner) gel.
12.Taking advantage to free additional channel included in your subscription.
13.Youtube-ing till eyes get sleepy.
14.Good phone conversation with your family in your home country.
15.Meet up with some of your cousins in Deira.
16.Went to Korean restaurant for lunch only to find out we have 30 minutes to order and dine in prior to their midday closing.
17.Lots of stories to share while waiting in line.
18.Sumptuous lunch at Max’s with my Dxb family.

19.When our niece promptly ask the waitress to take our group photos.

20.Window shopping at Al Ghurair Mall.
21.Fitting of new line of clothes.
22.Line up in the counter because your cousin who actually bought some items has to go to CR.
23.Creamy gelato as afternoon snack.

24.Stroll separately from one another because each has to visit different stores.
25.Tambay mode near Rigga road.
26.Figuring out which gadget accessories to buy when you asked the staff he quoted ” sorry our of stock”.
27.Coffee break.

28.Planning to watch movies with fambam but for one reason–fully booked.
29.Photo-op, instead.

30.Showing to your cousin/friend your rented space.
31.A quick stopover (our friend needs to go down first) in one place that irritates the cab driver.
32.Dessert tasting of nata de coco and ube.
33.Talking to your cousin (who lives in neighborhood country) via Skype.
34.Midnight chi-chiria from our homeland.

35.Bedtime stories with your co-sleepers.
36.Early visitor in the house.
37.Listening to newly downloaded songs.
38.Preparing our tummy for vegetables/fish came all the way from Philippines.

39.Another cousins who happens to knock at the wrong room finally arrives to reunite with all of you.
40.Eating with bare hands.
41.Afternoon nap on couch.
42.Sweet turon while sipping coffee.

43.Munching homemade popcorn while watching tv.
44.Ending the holiday with a big smile.

As you can see, this is how we spend our 3 days off. There’s more on my list actually but I rather focus on 44 as my way of supporting the UAE National Day.


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