day335: you were in a long queue when the guard call and ask you to come forward so they can assist you first.
day336: a program you only saw when you were in your homeland is now accessible for a limited period.
day337: an improvement done in one restaurant for their dessert menu.
day338: eating a vegies you never tried for many years.
day339: a movie you suppose to watch last holiday is available now online.
day340: saw different design of hot air balloon in the road.
day341: wake up late than your alarm but still had the guts to finish cooking.
day342: taking nap 2 times on your way home.
day343: achieving an aromatic smell of one dishes.
day344: a beautiful formation of bird in the sky.
day345: an impressive hosting skills shown on tv.
day346: when you were successful in diverting the attention of your niece not to eat candy at that moment.
day347: new lights are installed in the hallway.
day348: an extended support given by a friend to your cousin.
day349: a gift donation shared without the need to follow up.
day350: an initiative of your colleague to do his work in advance.
day351: visit a bazaar and find some shoes that fits well.
day352: a restaurant you thought were closed are actually open when you came nearby.
day353: when two person done the same kind of pleasure work without compromising each other.
day354: you got enough time to wash your clothes because you arrive early.
day355: a new road were open that helps lessen the traffic.
day356: someone never forgot his pledge of support to your upcoming event.
day357: ironing an extra clothes when there is a sudden adjustment on your pick up time in the morning.
day358: getting the right location from the guard when you pass by in the entrance gate.
day359: roaming in 6 different location in just 1 day.
day360: a book you really wish to buy was given to you as a gift.
day361: an English translation that gives you some reason to smile.
day362: finally found a perfect size of blouse for someone.
day363: cook and eat a dish you never try before.
day364: the old office supplies you keep for so long were finally put in use now.
day365: when you manage to arrive before the shop closed.


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