Whoaaahhhh….2015 will last in a few hours. Before it become part of history let me refresh my memory of what I am thankful for this year:

For God who is the main reason why my 2015 was a fulfilling year.
For the old and new people who blessed me with their love, understanding, guidance and sense of belongingness.
For the good health that I enjoy every single day.
For my work which is my source of income.
For some places I’ve been to that added on my adventure story.
For long time plans I finally done that allow me to cross my wish list.
For all events invitation that somehow helps me to feel how they value my presence.
For the exchange of private messages from various people which only means I was remember despite living half across the globe.
For more visibility in the kitchen that gives access to try new dishes.
For throwing weekend meet-up which gave more time to reunite.
For the pressure/tension I faced that fueled my energy to rise above.
For the problems shared that eventually leads me to practice the act of kindness.
For all lessons learned that imparts new wisdom.
For the opportunities that drives me crazy in a possible way.
For those dreams I’m working on till now…
For my inner self that shouts: ” you try and deserve the best!”…

THANK YOU 2015 for creating a year of happiness….
Oh…2016 …I’m so excited for all your blessings….


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