One of the most visited tourist destination here in Dubai especially during cold season is Dubai Miracle Garden. It attracts a lot of locals, expats and even foreign visitors who wish to see a place totally different from what we heard about UAE. Dubai in particular is always define as a busy city due to its number of business district, evidenced with high rise building and shopping haven to some. Yes, there are area where you can see a spot of nature but most of the time our eyes are fix with those things that reminds how Dubai had maintain its progressiveness over the years.

Aside from ongoing infrastructure left and right, it was a bright idea to continue its legacy of showing that Dubai has a place where they can cultivate plants and flowers which is surprising to non-residents and highly appreciated by us who wanted a change of view. This is one of the reason why Dubai Miracle Garden becomes popular.

Come inside....

Come inside….

Forget about your office works, your shopping list, everything about city life because once you come inside you will see a different Dubai. You will definitely appreciate the greenery and colorful flowers around. Let the photos from my phone do the talking.

I heart Dubai!

One fine afternoon when we visited the Dubai Miracle Garden.  Each and every area is walk-stopping as you can’t missed not to set your phone/digicam for remembrance.

Look at these houses....

Houses with flowers….

Another one….


Wow..beautifully made!

Some of you will ask if these flowers are plastic? Well, it’s all real and carefully planted even in smallest details.


flower basket

flower basket

What makes Dubai Miracle Garden differ from the normal garden is how they create design using flowers.




Isn’t it amazing to see different varieties of flowers nestled in many shapes with topiary-style displays.






Dubai Miracle Garden runs on seasonal basis every year mostly on ber-months till the end of winter. This is actually my first time to step in as my last garden visit happens in Al Ain few years back. According to those who get a chance to visit it annually they said that design are not all the same.

Made of Lemons

Made of Lemons





A flower arrangement that entice our vision:

 Hello Eiffel Tower!

Hello Eiffel Tower!






Like what I said earlier, every corner is perfect for your background photo but I think these ladies (or they represent the mother earth???) below gets more attention.




In the middle of the garden we found this man-made lake:




We came here for an hour only but before we exit we found this big clock:

Throwback...we're here last Christmas day 2015

Throwback…we’re here last Christmas day 2015

Entrance fee :


Our visitor from Oman (sis-in-law of my cousin and her hubby) was here for a short visit and requested us to accompany them to any tourist spot so we take them to Dubai Miracle Garden.


Good thing to know that they really enjoy our outdoor trip. Thanks to them for being the reason why we pursue this plan.

How to get there via public transport:

Bus 105 from Mall of Emirates start at 2:00pm
AED 5.00 per trip





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