Exactly one week ago when Dubai and other emirates experience too much rain that caused work stoppage, early pack up, school closed and a bit stress for all residents. The incident headlines all news and became ‘talk of the town’ for the past few days. There is only 2 seasons here in UAE- summer and winter (not so cold) so rain is something we really don’t expect at all. Last March 9, like any normal day, I was in the office doing my routine. It’s past 8am but in my window it looks like sunset already as darkness engulfed the surrounding. Some part of UAE is raining already but on that day only it was forecast in Dubai. Okay, so we know it will rain but we didn’t expect the aftermath of it.

I know how challenging to be in that kind of situation. Lots of people were surprised and at the same time, worried of what will happen next. It rained continuously. We saw it. We experience it. We are also affected. We see a lot of negativity but that chaos help us to see the positive side of being trapped in that unexpected circumstance.

SCENE: Raining hard outside.
SEEN : Dirty glass windows have an automatic cleanup and trees were watered instantly.

SCENE: Computer/internet/telephone shutdown.
SEEN : I have time to file my papers properly.

SCENE: No service car.
SEEN : Our boss share his big car to us.

SCENE: Traffic start to build up and my officemate were still in Gasoline station. We need to pick her up.
SEEN : She manages to cross the street and be with us before rain pour non-stop.

SCENE: Too much flood in the roundabout.
SEEN : Our car passed it with flying colors.

SCENE: Another flooded area where we saw a stranded BMW car.
SEEN : A cue not to proceed, park the car somewhere and wait for the water to dwindle.

SCENE: My officemates and I want to ‘pee’ and we’re in front of other company.
SEEN : Thankful to the guard for allowing us to used their toilet.

SCENE: Around 4 to 5 cars park where we are and undecided if they will go or not.
SEEN : It’s an opportunity to chit chat with them while waiting.

SCENE: After passing time and flood half-subside, we’re ready to go. Only to find out, our car didn’t make it and we’re stuck in the middle.
SEEN : Our boss braved the water to know how deep it was and back to car calmly then try to call for help.

SCENE: We need to take the car out of the water at least. 1 boy + 4 girls. Who will push it by the way?
SEEN : 3 workers who walk in the area saw us and help to push our car.

SCENE: Car is out of danger but it’s not working.
SEEN : 1 of the 3 guys who help us instruct our boss of what has to be done. He listens attentively and after few minutes, he’s ready to drive again.

SCENE: Running out of fuel and there’s traffic ahead.
SEEN : We found an alternate route leading to nearest Gas station.

SCENE: Stranded for more than 4hrs and we’re hungry.
SEEN : There’s fast food chain in Gas station where we ate our super late lunch.

SCENE: Another congested traffic before reaching the national highway.
SEEN : Our tummy and gas is full.

SCENE: News that some station (Metro) need to close due to rain.
SEEN : We’re on the car most of the time and when we finally reach the metro station, it’s fully operational.

Imagine, we leave around 11:30am trying to get home early last Wednesday but with those unanticipated scenes above that comes along our way, we reach home almost 6pm. It’s not easy to face that challenges. Due to sudden turn of events, we might end up exhausted, frustrated and even hopeless but that never happen. Yes, we are disturbed but we eventually SURVIVED. We’ll charge it to experience. It’s a looooong day but what matter is we came home safe and sound. Still, there’s blessings in the rain.


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