If you’re in a budget and wish to travel the world then Global Village is the right place for you. For only Aed15 you will be delighted to see the partial beauty of each country as well as the product they represent. By a simple walk, you can hop from one country to another without much expenses involve.

Global Village is an outdoor park operated only during cold months started last November till April 9 this year. Though it is an annual celebration, you can witness some changes every year. Good thing we never let it pass without spending 1 weekend on this must-visit tourist destination.


We were there as early as the opening hours which is 4pm. We always prefer to see its basking beauty while sun is up till it was blanket with glamorous light at night. See, people lining up in the ticketing area as early as possible  because they know more and more visitor will surely come after.

Right after we enter the huge gate, our eyes are rolling to the beautiful façade surrounding us. Be ready with your camera as every spot is really a good keepsake. Here are 9 things you can do in Global Village:

  1. Traveling

No need for visa and ticket, just come here and you’ll see each country in a couple of hours.


2. Shopping

Every country has something to offer. From wardrobe, food, small items and even product which they are proud of.


3.  Take a rest there’s a bench

Taking rest is a must in every journey. Good to see a few number of wooden bench in the area. I can sit while enjoying the moment. Some are lying on the grass and nobody will ask you why.


4. Eating

Walking non stop will somehow get you tired. So for recharging your energy, indulge yourself into numerous food outlet. Some kiosks are scattered within the vicinity but if you want a truly dining experience then proceed in a respective area where you can choose from different restaurant.


5.  Watch shows

There’s a big stage in the central area where you can watch different performers for free. Most of the events/raffle announcements were done here. If you want to be  more specific to see the best artist coming from each country then step inside to each pavilion as they also provide great entertainment  every night.


6. Dancing fountain

I’m not sure if it 6pm or 6:30pm (start) but you will definitely feel relax watching the fountain. The water will dance accordingly when the music start to play on. That time it was Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on” playing in the background.


7. Parade

A special procession of artists representing each country is also a show-stopper. Joint them as they roam the street.


8. Fireworks display

Waiting for special occasion to watch fireworks? No need. You can see the marvellous display at Global Village upon closing time.


9. Games and rides

One area in Global Village is dedicated to those visitor who are games and rides fanatic. You can try your luck in playing some games and if it’s your advantage then a big stuff toys awaits as your prize or try any of available rides which suited to your competence.


So before Global Village close its 20th season by April, please pay a visit and allow yourself to also experience what I mentioned above.





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