“What is your guilty pleasure? I mean something you are willing to spend your money on without feeling guilty?”

That is the question asked by my officemate when we’re both heading home one evening. I’m always sleeping in the car (especially if its traffic) but that simple question awakes me and lead both of us  for engaging conversation. With a big smile on my face, I look at her and said, “Travel“. She thought my answer will be bags, clothes, gadget like what fascinates to other women she knew but hearing such word from me comes a bit surprise. For a girl who only visited Philippines and Singapore then how come my respond revolves on traveling? Well, at that time, I can’t consider it as guilty pleasure because I’m not spending my hard earned money on it. My expenditures on both countries is within my limited budget. No huge amount that I might felt guilty afterwards.

I don’t care if some establishment’s has 50% on sale. It will definitely take time before someone convinces me to buy something unless price reduction came from travel airlines. Surely, I’m in a hurry to check it anytime whether it falls on my leave application or not. Thinking of going to some places makes me happy and motivated. However, when the question asked last year, I’m  not actually into it. I know I want to travel but lack of action remain on my side. Hopefully someday.

After a series of discussion, I heard her said, ” What are you waiting for?”, from which I replied, ” right timing“. Yes, traveling is something I’m ready to pay at any cost but some priorities still on top of my list. I remember I gave her my reason why I’m not pursuing my guilty pleasure: 1. Management decision to approve my leave as per my requested date 2. Money 3. Travel companion as I’m not confident enough to do it solo.

Who would have thought that in a span of 1 year after such conversation, my guilty pleasure comes to life? My 3 reasons are not a question anymore because the “right timing” suddenly steps in. I look at 2016 as my guilty pleasure year. Who am I to say no when this is what I really wanted to do long time ago. Finally, my wishful thinking of traveling reveal a new chapter.

No more someday. The reason why I”m not active in blogging is because I’m working and in between those days I got the opportunity to discover Georgia last February, Canada in July to mid-August and Oman last month.

I am beyond thankful that I dream about it, I plan and now I can say…I did!



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