2011. A year when our cousin and her family migrated to Canada for good. As we dropped them to the airport and saw walking away from us, we couldn’t help but to embrace the reality that we need to be independent now, to accept that our life in Dubai must go on without their guidance anymore, to think that it is just a temporary goodbye and someday we’ll see each other again. I can’t explain where I get the nerves to imagine the same scenario with her family, not to say goodbye but to welcome me in Canada airport. Oh..la..la…this is the starting point of unleashing the dreamer in me.

throwback...2011 (Dubai Airport)

throwback…2011 (Dubai Airport with my extended family)

2015-July is my target goal. A year before that, I faced the biggest challenge in my life leaving me with no choice but to set aside my personal dream temporarily. I’m still fine even if I didn’t make it the way I plan.

Fast forward to 2016, I pick up my dream again. I started to plan, ask, research and apply for visitor’s visa. Prayers work. Easter Sunday this year when I received my passport with a visa stamped on it. Thank you, Lord!

The scenes I visualized way back in 2011 happen exactly  last June 30. Again, they were in the airport to pick me up. It’s nice to see them after so many years. We created happy memories again but this time in their place in Canada.


                                         Yehey….reunited… (Canada Airport)


Thank you!

                                                                  Thank you!


They were excited to roam me around. Our first stop: Prince’s Island Park. They don’t know that I appreciate the nature more than any gorgeous building or malls so being in the park early in the morning is such a heavenly gift. I keep on saying “wow” to my cousin. She’s just laughing at me and said that the place, though it’s relaxing, might be ordinary if I will see the other tourist’s destination in Canada. Okay, let’s see those place in my next posts but for now walk with me as we start our stroll to Prince’s Island Park.



Prince’s Island Park is an urban park located in north of Downtown Calgary. It is actually an island on the Bow River where many major festivals was held every year.






The Park occupy 20 hectares land. So big enough to accommodate lot of visitors. There’s a lot of things you can do inside the park like:

Picnic under the green trees.


Walking/running/biking in the pathways.


Reading/ chit chatting while sitting in the wooden bench.



Enjoying the Pond.


Relaxing on wide green spaces.


Best view of Office Hub inside the park.


Finding Squirrel.


Simply do nothing and just enjoy the surrounding.



Prince’s Island Park is connected to different footbridge making it easy for park lovers to visit anytime of the day. We walked to Peace Bridge on our way back to Downtown. This is one of the famous pedestrian bridge according to my cousin.



The park is open daily and no admission fee. If you really love nature tripping then Prince’s Island Park is offering you the best place to relax within the city center.




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