After our walking tour in Prince’s Island Park, we spent the rest of afternoon in Downtown. This is a busy place especially during weekdays as most offices and establishment are located here. Most of the people in different communities are heading here everyday either to work, to shop or simply to pass by.

Train Station

Train Station





It was lunch when we reach The Core Shopping Center or most popular known as TD Square- a shopping mall at the heart of Downtown, Calgary.


We both knew that we came from a country where all malls are built with touch of extravagant interior so she teased me not to compare what I will see in Canada. Well, it doesn’t matter at all because in my opinion, they are all equal and what’s important is the list of store you can shop inside.

Inside TD Square...maganda naman ah!

Inside TD Square…maganda naman ah!

I’m not sure if the roof is fiberglass (or what is the correct description) but I really enjoy walking inside because I can see the  ray of sunshine with matching blue sky and white clouds. Maybe, it’s equally beautiful in winter when the snow is formed in the roof.

There’s a lot of food chain to choose from but I prefer to eat Pad Thai from Thai Express. The kids were happy eating KFC meal.


And gelato as dessert…


TD Square is not only a shopping destination but they have a space for relaxation. If you want to take rest after shopping or before you’ll do your next routine, then a visit to Devonian Gardens is a place to go.  dv


Admit it or not, we normally saw plants and flowers as a display in some stores but here in TD Square, they used it to promote wellness, touristy place and helps everyone to take a closer look at the nature within the city.




Devonian Gardens is an indoor public park with different varieties of grown plants, flowers and trees. Since the garden is situated inside the mall, there’s available free wifi for everybody. My two nephew were busy with their gadget, my niece is enjoying her playtime while my cousin and I are chatting.



I walk around and check the other area. My eyes were fix on the greenery wall, Koi pond and fountain which I find very relaxing.





Around 3:30pm when we left TD Square and Devonian Gardens. There’s a lot of interesting sculpture scattered in Downtown. We even step inside the Hotel while waiting for my cousin’s husband.



According to my cousin, our Downtown tour is not complete if we will not visit the Stephen Avenue Walk. It is an outdoor pedestrian walkway where you can find high end retail stores, plenty of eateries, cafes, historic building, short-term vendor with their seasonal/unique products, artists performing in the street and lots more.


This is how we spent our half day in Downtown. There’s more things to do, more site to visit, more restaurant to try and more live events to attend. I hope I can write it on my future post.


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