My 1st

Dear Blog,

After a month of long break, here I am again, thinking of you, visiting you on my free time, thanking you for forgiving and waiting me till I came back with a better version of myself.

-I failed you so many times.
-I promised and I never did.
-You may call it ‘quit’ but there’s no closure on my part.

This time I don’t want to promise because I also don’t know what will happen in the future, If the events happen in the past will re-surface again on this day onwards. Instead, I’m grateful that you’re always here ready to accept my imperfections and be my platform in sharing my story, good or bad.

Imagine, this is my 1st post for 2017. “What happen?” is a simple question you may ask but in between this words is a vast explanation that not all people can able to understand or doesn’t even cared what actually happen during my month-long hiatus. Okay, I admit, I need to attend to some issues that consume most of my time. I know it affects you but it doesn’t mean that I will break my team-up with you. There is an urgent need to re-align my life priorities to which you fall not on top of my list. I’m really sorry.

It’s not easy to keep you on the side. Well, there’s also other things that I automatically put on hold while trying my best to pick up the shattered pieces of my life’s puzzle due to unexpected events. The last quarter of 2016 up to mid-Feb this year is a humbling experience for me to stand strong amidst facing different professional challenges. Yes, those were the days that hit the lowest point of being an expat. No amount of readiness can assure me how fast can I move on when I were trapped to that unfavorable situations. Now I have a deepest empathy to other expats who happen to be on the same page like I was before. I hope that they too can learn from that experience and will use that ‘test’ to be great testimony someday.

This is my ultimate reason why I choose to be silent for some months. I use my energy and time to re-build my confidence again, to improve myself and find ways to be resilient. I am aware you’re hurt with my decision of not sharing this nasty things to you because I don’t want to add pressure to other people who’s also experiencing difficult times of their life. Let us give them space.

Thank you for giving me time to cope with my challenges and please be noted, you may not be my top priority for now but in my heart you placed a special memory.

Sincerely yours,




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