This is my continuation post on our trip to Georgia…..

Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on, let’s go and play!”. A famous line from movie ‘Frozen’. At long last, I can able to see a real snow like what Elsa and Anna have in their film. Hmmm…does the snow melt in my hand if I hold it for long? Is it really cold in ski resort? We’re  so thrilled on our way to Kazbegi region where a snow mountain is located.

Oh Gudauri we’re so excited to see you…

We spent our afternoon in Gudauri on our first day. This is what makes us all excited. If we saw some scattered snow in Tbilisi and nearby place, here in Gudauri there’s one of the best place in Georgia to experience the winter activities and an all-white surrounding because of snow–the Gudauri Ski Resort. The moment we get out from our bus and felt that we’re finally walking in the snow, some of us smiled while other shouted, “this is it!”. We immediately take the chance of exploring the whole resort.

ready..get set…go snow…

There are lots of activities you can enjoy while staying in this resort. Some of the tourist came here for skiing but for some visitor like us who doesn’t have much time, we opt for gondola lift to have a good aerial view. One ride  is GEL 5.00.



1st batch of tourist on the gondola…..

happy face

Riding the Gondola Lift give us the opportunity to see the beautiful Caucasus Mountain from the top.

thankful for this view

We were busy taking photos, selfie, groupie and just looking outside that we almost forgot that we were in the peak already and we have to take off from the gondola.

are you building a snowman??????

If we are surrounded by sands in Dubai, on this trip to Georgia is our rare chance to experience the powdery snow and super cold weather.

After more than an hour above, we decided to go back to the first station and sip some coffee in the nearby cafe.

We also plan to try the chairlift but we believe the view is also same with what we saw during our ride to gondola. Instead, each one of us ride on this big snowbike.

Our Gudauri winter holidays is such a notable experience for all of us who came from a country where temperature escalate up to 36 deg, light jacket during cold season then all of sudden even for a short period of time, we were so fortunate to wear a thermal outfit in a negative (-) degree place.

Before we go back to Tbilisi, we cap off our day with a sumptuous dinner in a fancy authentic Georgian Restaurant. This place is also memorable for all of us as they played “Lupang Hinirang” after we got our table. To hear our national anthem in a native restaurant owned and managed by locals is really something we should be proud as Filipino. A double thumbs up for their warmest hospitality.

Happy Diners from UAE


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