Georgia is known as one of wine producing country so our tour guide, Giorgi, make sure to show their must-visit winery which is located in Kakheti region.

relaxing at the bus around 7:40am

Since Kakheti is in eastern part it took another 2 hours from Tbilisi. Unbeknownst to us, prior to our wine testing event we visited some place which makes Georgia rich in history. In every meal we had on our first day we notice Puri (georgian bread) is always included in our menu. We got the opportunity to learn how they make it  by visiting a traditional baker in the heart of their own home. Unlike any modern bakery, Georgian used circular clay oven called Tone and they knead the dough by using their bare hands.

My salutes goes to lady baker who teaches us how they make their Puri

The Baker was so generous also to share with us some of her freshly-baked bread. We got an instant breakfast as we ride back to our bus.

Or next stop is Alazani Valley that give us a a balcony of good scenery.

mandatory groupie at alazani valley

After as series of photo-op, we proceed to small but significant town of Sighnaghi which they called City of Love because more couple find this place romantic and intimate. Giorgi leave us for a while so that we can explore it on our own. He even advise us to order hot chocolate from nearby restaurant which he believe is the most delicious hot chocolate in Sighnaghi.

Sighnaghi is known for its narrow and cobblestone street.

Since the town is located on the mountainside, we got the best viewing deck for Caucasus Mountain.

On our way to winery, Giorgi show us another important landmark in his country- Sighnaghi City Wall. I’m sure we’re familiar with the great wall of China but little did we know that even Georgia has their own version of it. He said it was built during the time of King Erekle to protect Sighnaghi from the invader. It has 8 gates and watch tower where was named after the nearest village so the locals knows where to hide in time of crisis.

Our winery escapade on my next post.


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