Not all country have the capacity to produce their own wine. Georgia has its own advantage after their soil has been recognize with enriching nutrients to grow almost 500+ varieties of grapes. As result, Georgia can enjoy wine in all season. Since we were in Georgia for our 4 day trip, we never missed the chance to visit some of its winery to acquire some knowledge on how a wine is made.

On top of our list is Winery Khareba which is located in Kvareli. This is the first place where we had our first educational trip about wine making. One lady accompany us in 7.7km long tunnel where they kept their wine. Since this is the first time we visit a winery, all our faces were painted with excitement. We eagerly listen to her as she explain the history of Winery Khareba, the process of fermentation and the different storage system they used to age wine.

Winery Khareba is situated in the foothill so no wonder why nature’s view is another breath of fresh air while exploring the whole vicinity.

We gain additional information when we spent some hours in Kindzmarauli Corporation Wine House.

From quite number of tanks we saw outside the premises, we are all hooked to a ‘corroded’ tank on the corner. We thought that it is something that management  will dispatch soon but we’re all surprised when our guide inform us that until this day those tank is in valuable use.

Most winery in Georgia used to bury their wine in qvevri/marani which is clearly evidenced here in Kindzmarauli Wine House. Each metal cover showing various color represent different stages of wine storage. Even the old tools which they used long time ago is on display on their site.

We also toured their wine storage in the basement. Again, wooden barrels and tanks are stored inside which is full use for wine fermentation.

We notice the different flags when we’re having a  photo-op in the main entrance. Another Pinoy teased our guide why Philippine flag is not included whereas she responded that those flags represent the countries whom they mainly export their wines.


Another highlights of our trip is wine-tasting in Wine House. We spent around 30 minutes for this activity. They actually offer us 3 different kind of wines which they believe is the most in demand in the market. I only  take a photo of this 16/16 wine which according to our guide contain 16% of alcohol. As expected, each one of us has our own bet but still, this 16/16 got the highest approval.

We end our trip by visiting Kindzmarauli Wine store. Here we saw a various flavor of wine and other alcoholic drinks . Some were locally produced by Kindzmarauli and other originated from different winery, also in Georgia.


While sipping your favorite wine in some special occasion, have you ever thought of asking how it is being processed to achieve the desired richness of flavor. Well, we can finish 1 bottle of wine instantly but what we don’t know is the number of aging days required before we finally consume it. From the vineyard, planting and harvesting grapes, tossing to qvevri for fermentation, and storing for six months or more than a year, it is proven that wines are product of golden effort.

Thank you Winery Khareba and Kindzmarauli for allowing us to learn something new about wine industry.



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