Visiting any country in Europe fascinates the dreamer in me. I can’t do it for now as I priories my time and budget for something else. So when I saw the replica of Europe on our day tour in Riverland my heart shouts like I almost won on the lottery. Riverland is part of Dubai Parks and Resort which is gaining a popularity to most of the tourists/locals in UAE. You only need to pay AED20.00 per car for parking fee and voila…you can enjoy Europe in the heart of Dubai free of cost.

This newly opened Dubai Parks and Resort is so huge that each visitors needs to ride in a mini-tram to reach the main gate. We came around 2pm and the queue is lengthy but worry no more as you don’t need to wait much longer because this mini-tram is always available every 3 to 5 minutes.


There’s 3 theme park (LEGOLAND, Motiongate, Bollywood) and 1 water park (LEGOLAND water park) inside Dubai Parks and Resort. Of course, there’s an additional entrance fee on this 4 parks. If you’re short on budget and still want to see the best of Dubai Parks and Resort, then go ahead to Riverland which is the 1st station and portal to all parks.

When we start our walkaton on Riverland, we notice the architectural design of each houses. It’s not a residential house actually but it’s more of stores, establishment and restaurant whereas you only see most of these structure in European country.

Each and every spot in Riverland is a good scenic view. They call it French Village. I was in the bridge when I took this photo and it makes me relax while looking on this man-made river and towering houses.

I’m here in Dubai yet I feel I was in Europe because of these houses. Yehey!

This side of Riverland look likes an alleyways in one of European country I only see in the internet.

Not a typical house you can imagine in Dubai. This is why you must visit Riverland and see it by yourself.

If there’s no sign of Havaianas, I will jump into conclusion that this is a house. Even their store match with European theme.

LEGOLAND is a walking distance from Riverland. Someday, we can pay a visit to you but for now…we’re happy being outsider.

Look at this intricate design made of lego. Amazing!

I’ve been to different Mc Donald in the UAE but this branch is a bit different. Well, it is situated inside Riverland.

On my first  visit with my Dxb family, I took the photo of this restaurant and imagine the feelings of dining inside. Little did I know that simple imagination will attract the possibility when my office mates invited me for pre-Christmas dinner on this restaurant.

This is what we ordered for dinner. The food is good and comes in big serving.  We order some main course, and as per their promo, we got unlimited soup, bread and salad for free. Their gnocchi soup is something you would like to try again and again.

We also visited the Peninsula. Another zone in the Riverland.

The bridge during daytime.

The same bridge sparkling at night.

We are still full after our dinner so we decided to stay a bit and walk around. You can feel the Festive spirit here with these lights in every corner and a Christmas carol serenading you.

A gigantic Christmas tree to complete the season.

Another bar/restaurant to try here next time.

A food truck if you want to buy  food for small bites.

A view to cap off our European tour in Dubai.

Thank you Riverland for allowing me to have a glimpse of Europe without leaving Dubai.


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