Dear 2017,

I started your first month wandering in a shaky situation. Every working day it looks like I was facing a battle of holding on or letting go. I never imagine that the challenge most people experience last year will also happen to me but I have no option than to accept it. As they say, life must go on.

Instead of allowing this circumstances to affect me I embrace the fact that there must be a purpose behind it. It actually help me to realize lot of things. To still count the blessings that come my way. Despite of unexpected turn of events, I continue to list down each day (starting on February) those simple things that makes me smile and thankful for what you have done for me:

Feb1: you’ve been in a place unfamiliar to you when someone open the door and welcome you with a smile.
Feb2: it’s a rush hour and you easily get into the bus without any hassle.
Feb3: a joke that gives you and your cousin a good laugh.
Feb4: found the food your looking in the supermarket after returning 3 times.
Feb5: an amazing formation of clouds visible in your office parking lot.
Feb6: when you arrive in your appointment on time.
Feb7: a text of confirmation receive from your agent.
Feb8: a good and undisturbed sleep you had last night.
Feb9: when your group answered wrong and still you’re all happy with the result.
Feb10: fun watching your fellow kababayan playing some outdoor games.
Feb11: nice design of nail polish you saw from someone inside the elevator.
Feb12: able to watch full length show after a year.
Feb13: when you feel undecided and your cousins are helping you to weigh the options.
Feb14: an opportunity to go back home to get an umbrella without worrying that you will be late.
Feb15: a different color of ballpen available in department store.
Feb16: when your classmate invited you to come along with them during breaktime.
Feb17: the tshirt you wash last night is easily dried today.
Feb18: you are already inside the bus when the rain start to pour.
Feb19: a transaction you always pay in cash is now change into 30 days credit.
Feb20: a heart-shaped formed in your sleeves when you wash your hands.
Feb21: some interesting facts shared by your colleague.
Feb22: when someone ask your help to familiarized the procedure despite you failed onit last time.
Feb23: a leftover which is enough to eat as your baon.
Feb24: appreciating an spectacular show provided by the mall management.
Feb25: a series of encouraging songs you heard in a contest.
Feb26: watching a makulit panda online.
Feb27: witness an act of generosity in the street when a driver stop and gave some food to the storekeeper.
Feb28: able to cook something despite waking up a bit late.
Mar1: went home with cooked meal for dinner prepared by your cousin.
Mar2: an encouraging story shared by someone you haven’t met for a long time.
Mar3: a conversation with your friend that end up to an exciting idea of going vacation to another country.
Mar4: when your niece can understand and translate tagalog terms.
Mar5: receiving a quick response on your private message after asking some queries.
Mar6: a info. provided by your friend that you might use in the future.
Mar7: a ‘kilig‘ episode post by someone on her social media account which is the actual episode you watch last night.
Mar8: a photo shared by your classmate that reminds you of how much laughter you had that moment.
Mar9: when you don’t need to use your cp flashlight just to read your book because there’s already natural light comes from outside.
Mar10: an scheduled power interruption that didn’t happen.
Mar11: a performance that stand out among other contenders.
Mar12: multitasking in a short period and still go home on time.
Mar13: unexpected call from someone just to ask your permission.
Mar14: when you heard the alarm before your mobile become lowbat.
Mar15: an image of ‘smiley’ you seen in the wall.
Mar16: leaving the office at much earlier time that gives you another round to study your lesson.
Mar17: a famous personality showing her talent in singing.
Mar18: a priceless reaction of your niece when she answered correctly the puzzle.
Mar19: a testimony of wife why her marriage is successful.
Mar20: not required to buy food because your cousin cooked already.
Mar21: a different color of umbrella you saw everywhere.
Mar22: a side dish that complements the main course.
Mar23: when you remember your nephew after you saw a mini-airplane because of his interest on it.
Mar24: thinking of a song and suddenly it was sang in one program.
Mar25: a group photo that is not complete without you.
Mar26: when your officemate inform you not to bring food because she will treat all of you for lunch.
Mar27: the person you met in the lift on way down in the morning is the same person you met on the way up in the evening.
Mar28: a DIY canopy turn out beneficial to you.
Mar29: when someone consider you to do an important job.
Mar30: getting seat immediately during rush hour.
Mar31; a new game introduce in a birthday party that draws laughter to everyone.
Apr1: a relatable quotes you heard from a motivational speaker on one of his talk.
Apr2: when your laptop start again after 2 hours of non-working.
Apr3: when you got the courage to voice out your opinion.
Apr4: someone followed your request to leave the door open.
Apr5: manage to do your morning routine despite waking up late.
Apr6: two of your currently favorite sng play consecutively in the playlist.
Apr7: found an alternative site where you can watch the series.
Apr8: recharging your card faster because there’s no other people lining up in the booth.
Apr9: reminiscing your childhood memories over lunch.
Apr10: the smell of homemade meal when you pass on the street.
Apr11: when they granted you request for more size of a product with no additional cost.
Apr12: an SMS response of your friend that means she read your message.
Apr13: a boss who pass by to your room just to say thank you.
Apr14: reading almost 60% pages of one book.
Apr15: when your cousin accompany you in doing some night work.
Apr16: a weekend getaway photos of some families posted online.
Apr17: an article that help you answer some of your queries in mind.
Apr18: unexpectedly saw your old photos taken a moth ago in your school website.
Apr19: a pasalubong from your housemate where your name handwritten on it.
Apr20: another achievement of yours mentioned on your certificate.
Apr21: when your cousin bring some food and share it with all of you.
Apr22: a lyrics in a song that really captured your heart,
Apr23: an inspiring segment in one tv program that make you stop what you’re currently doing just to watch it.
Apr24: saw a vintage car in a public parking.
Apr25: being aware for a new budgeted airline flying to the country in your bucket list.
Apr26: no need to wear long sleeves because the temperature in your room are back to normal.
Apr27: unexpected dinner treat from one of your classmate.
Apr28: watching how your cousin crush the ice without much effort.
Apr29: the end of the series set in a beautiful garden.
Apr30: a chance to dine-in in a must-visit restaurant is discuss over lunch.
May1: knowing your boss are now openfor any suggestion advise by someone no form his team.
May2: some chair and table outside the restaurant were removed to give way for any passerby.
May3: when you don’t feel the heat of the sun because its windy.
May4: saw a big emoji smiley posted in a famous building.
May5: heard some opm song again from local radio.
May6: saw someone you never thought would come on that place.
May7: a contestant who get a high score on first attempt.
May8: found a temporary shade while waiting for your service.
May9: when you remember an old joke and still you can’t help but to have a good laugh.
May10: a garden of tulips pop up on your desktop screen.
May11: a new tricks in your mobile that you learn from your classmate.
May12: when someone you never seen for a long time still remember you.
May13: a special poem shared by a famous tv host.
May14: a different ‘mother’s day’ greetings posted online.
May15: a smell of newly cut grass.
May16: when you were awaken from your nap because of someone who’s trying to rap.
May17: a message sent by your teacher to keep you informed in advance about some changes in location.
May18: when you didn’t get lost in finding the room because there’s another person who’s also looking for it.
May19: a photo sent by your brother that encourage you to push your next project.
May20: a father who doesn’t mind how he looks like just to entertain his daughter.
May21: the smile of a happy family when they unexpectedly won a big prize.
May22: found something you’re looking for in a department store.
May23: been to an old place and saw new establishment surrounds it.
May24: a tasteful desert shared by your colleague.
May25: a chance to bond with other group of students.
May26: unplanned weekend staycation at your cousins’ abode.
May27: bought the thing you been planning for so long because someone in your group request to visit that place also.
May28: carrying a 1 month old baby for the first time.
May29: experience to sit on top of a double decker bus.
May30: saw a photo of someone who enjoy his vacation in your town place.
May31: taking a bath with a cold water running in the shower.
Jun1: read a graduation speech found from bunch of scratch paper.
Jun2: a booklet of coupon given by your cousin.
Jun3: a delivery of cabinet done as per schedule.
Jun4: able to get a free magazine in a metro station after such a long time.
Jun5: completing your bath despite of water stoppage announcement.
Jun6: watching a stand up comedian who can also sing wel.
Jun7: when your boss finally back out from the plan not accepted by many of your team members.
Jun8: a current promotion in 1 store that gives you an extra item for free.
Jun9: a support receive by a contestant from those people not related to him.
Jun10: saw a photo of someone who can afford some luxury yet choose to wear a simple dress on her wedding day.
Jun11: when you learn a simple technique how to unlock the door in a most easiest way.
Jun12: a low fare quoted by someone that falls within your budget.
Jun13: when your colleague realize no need to buy a particular item.
Jun14: when someone help you to return your desktop into its original position.
Jun15: the clothes ou bought is well-fitted to you when you try it.
Jun16: found out that there is remaining half lemon in the ref.
Jun17: someone added you in their couples group chat though you are not yet married.
Jun18: unexpected message from your brother’s ex-girlfriend.
Jun19: found a correct name and pronounciation of a famous song.
Jun20: learn to cook 1 dish and serve it in differcnt way.
Jun21: going home with an extra bucket meal ready to eat for dinner.
Jun22: able to sip a coffee before taking a bath despite waking up late.
Jun23: when you and your cousin found a perfect size of blouse at a very affordable price.
Jun24: try to use new ingredients in your pasta dish.
Jun25: a news that your other cousins will come to visit you.
Jun26: no leftover from the boodle fight that you prepared.
Jun27: someone stranger inform you that atm machine is not working just before you do a withdrawal.
Jun28: witness how the baby behave while lying down with only her nanny around.
Jun29: sorry..can’t retrieve.
Jun30: a decision made by someone that will help in lessening the weight of your supposed baggage allowance.
Jul1: when the tv signal were finally fix and back to its normal operation.
Jul2-Aug31:preparation, vacation, back to work.
Sep1: a combination of color painted in the clouds during sunset.
Sep2: playing a same game after a long time.
Sep3: a timely message you wanna hear at this particular moment.
Sep4: thinking that your food is not enough for the whole day then someone offer some snacks to munch on.
Sep5: watching a 7 minute vlog that is full of substance and lessons.
Sep6: a magical feeling when you discover the correct way of saving photos from an email.
Sep7: an opportunity to order the food advertise in the billboard.
Sep8: a different design of bag available online sent by your friend.
Sep9: when the baby was in good mood while you’re taking care of him before his mom arrive.
Sep10: laughing while watching an improvised street games online.
Sep11: when you finish the laundry without worrying if the water will leak.
Sep12: a photo sent by your friend overseas showing her baby bump.
Sep13: when you finally make time to recreate the recipe you watch on TV.
Sep14: a live wedding proposal heard over the radio.
Sep15: when you feel the coldness of aircon in a room full of people.
Sep16: an effort done by your cousin to cook several meals.
Sep17: picking up the remaining last basket in the supermarket.
Sep18: saw a cute and chubby baby girl on your way to work.
Sep19: when you and your cousin finish cooking before your other housemates come in the house.
Sep20: unexplainable dedication you had today to finish the task assign to you.
Sep21: thought you forgot your lipstick then you found it in the corner of your bag.
Sep22: a new package of toilet roll is available in the CR.
Sep23: knowing that bidet is still functioning.
Sep24: saw a fellow pinay who hold a same brand of facial cream you’re using.
Sep25: an improvised kitchen cabinet made by your co-employees.
Sep26: when you saw the mother and daughter in salon the other day then now in the photo shop.
Sep27: when your decision to leave early paid off because the metro is still uncrowded.
Sep28: no need to wait for so long in the food court because your cousin already found a table before you cam ein.
Sep29: when you finally taste the varieties of meal in the buffet in the same restaurant you dine in before.
Sep30: a new bus enrooting a business hub area.
Oct1: remembering your dream last night and your crush is part of it.
Oct2: a fellow kabayan who offer his seat to you.
Oct3: saw a senior citizens who were holding hands while walking.
Oct4: a viral photo of a guy wearing his Gf’s high heel shoes that has positive comment from netizen.
Oct5: when you saw a sibling’s twinnings with each other.
Oct6: trying a condiments that perfectly blend with recipe for today.
Oct7: when you came in just in time in the kitchen before the boiling water overflow.
Oct8: last minute of crossing the street before the ‘go’ signal.
Oct9: when you found a right color of thread that will match your dress.
Oct10: an initiative of your colleague to go to foodcourt and bought your food for lunch.
Oct11: watching an inspiring video of hope early in the morning.
Oct12: unable to ride on the first train but git enough space when the second one came.
Oct13: an opportunity to cook a meal that you never tried for a long time because the main ingredients is available now in the market.
Oct14: when you can read the magazine while waiting in the hospital.
Oct15: thought of missing your ponytail but you found it again when you’re about to go out from the car.
Oct16: a celebrity who testify how an ordinary person help her to get through on her struggles.
Oct17: a group performance that moves people into tears of joy.
Oct18: some word of wisdom about marriage share by a tv host.
Oct19: heard some fireworks outside that reminds you of your festivities in your home country.
Oct20: when they easily take out the mattress without waking up the baby.
Oct21: another passenger who arrange your seat because she saw you having a heavy load of things.
Oct22: staff in one company who was consistent in their attitude of gratitude.
Oct23: when the idea you presented to the consultant is understood and used for the entire team.
Oct24: when you found an alternative item to use in cleaning.
Oct25: found a different way of presenting a document.
Oct26: sign of sweetness shown by a guy to his girl in the party.
Oct27: when your cousin take out the food from the freezer and now ready for cooking.
Oct28: knowing someone adjusted her needs to accommodate the needs of other member of your family.
Oct29: found an alternative lunch box while your own ‘baunan‘ contain some leftover.
oct30: no single amount of leakage while doing your laundry.
Oct31: when your colleague submit a report without any mistake.
Nov1: someone did a major cleaning in the kitchen.
Nov2: finally found the correct way after a series of detour.
Nov3: a woman offer her seat to a mother holding a baby.
Nov4: when you found your online crush has a talent in singing.
Nov5: when your office boy clean the CR before all staff came in the office.
Nov6: found the scent your looking for when you visit a supermarket.
Nov7: receive the same email from your bank informing you about exclusive privileges as client.
Nov8: a new re-paint pedestrian lane in your neighborhood.
Nov9: when your body clock awakes you despite turning off the normal alarm.
Nov10: when you found the specific ingredients in one supermarket.
Nov11: a free afternoon where you could only watch movies.
Nov12: an appreciation by your colleague when he see your work.
Nov13: a bulb that is illuminating than normal standard.
Nov14: receive a text message informing you on the readiness of your ID.
Nov15: heard a playlist of opm song from the building next to you.
Nov16: bought a body wash on sale with extra liters.
Nov17: when your niece abide your instruction of discharging your mobile while you were sleeping.
Nov18: found a quotable quotes pasted on the wall when you visit your friend’s house.
Nov19: when you found a way on how to re-heat your burger without using oven toaster.
Nov20: confirming that the beef you cook was tender and easy to chew.
Nov21: found a comfortable side of seat when using public transportation.
Nov22: a good samaritan in your office offer to drop you off in the metro.
Nov23: when you realize the meaning behind the instagram accounts name of an actress.
Nov24: when your nephew enthusiastically follow you using his stroller.
Nov25: a flock of birds flying in the sky early in the morning.
Nov26: an opportunity to sit in the public train much earlier than expected.
Nov27: saw a creative way of designing a plant box.
Nov28: when you discover a page unexpectedly where you can relate to every words written on it.
Nov29: an initiative of your colleague to inform you about the reimbursement of your transportation allowance.
Nov30: visit to new places within a limited period of time.
Dec1: when you got extra hour of sleep after you turn off your alarm because it’s weekend.
Dec2: a helpful driver who assist a PWD passenger to ride on the bus comfortably.
Dec3: watching series where a guy makes a simple effort of making her girl happy.
Dec4: when the place you plan to go is near in the pedestrian lane where you need to cross the street.
Dec5: when the song you wanted to hear were finally played in the playlist.
Dec6: withdrawing some cash from your ATM easily after it was decline yesterday.
Dec7: wake up super late and manage to take a bath within few minutes.
Dec8: reveal that someone who works behind the scene is actually a cumlaude graduate.
Dec9: a talent of creating a song on the spot showcase by a tv host.
Dec10: discover a new way to finish your typing job a bit faster.
Dec11: a funny things that a child did in reality versus what you expect.
Dec12: thinking of ways to send a parcel to other company when their representative drop by in your office and he took it automatically.
Dec13: found a blouse that match your budget.
Dec14: when your plan to pay for something were pursue as per schedule.
Dec15: when an equipment in the kitchen are finally put in use after a very long time.
Dec16: discover a way on how things work.
Dec17: an affordable distribution on the total value because of the voucher use by your colleague when you dine in a restaurant.
Dec18: a free cake given by someone as a token of appreciation.
Dec19: when a cashier smile and remember someone else after she heard your name.
Dec20: found enough number of paper bag to use as gift wrap.
Dec21: when your office mate entrust her plants to you while she’s on leave.
Dec22: a sound of happiness from your aunt when she saw the surprise visit from her daughter.
Dec23: waking up as per your planned time even without the use of alarm clock.
Dec24: when you feel the festive season because you heard a holiday greetings even from a group of stranger.
Dec25: when all of you came home safe despite the foggy road.
Dec26: no need to travel far when you want to remit some money because a new branch is located near your place.
Dec27: understanding an explanation on one topic because of simple drawing.
Dec28: able to catch the sunrise while standing in the road.
Dec29: a sermon that clear all your current worries in mind.
Dec30: watching your cousin who is shy growing up is now dancing in front of many people.
Dec31: when there’s enough cup of rice in the box to cover your lunch and dinner.

Yes, I admit its not a good start but I will close you with a grateful heart. I’m okay now. Thank you for teaching me a wonderful lesson that your year is full of ups and down yet you contribute a lot to improve the best version of myself.

Thank you 2017….I’m excited to share another story next year…Let’s spread blessings, positivity and love on 2018. See you!

Thanking you,
Me, Myself and I


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