Visiting any country in Europe fascinates the dreamer in me. I can’t do it for now as I priories my time and budget for something else. So when I saw the replica of Europe on our day tour in Riverland my heart shouts like I almost won on the lottery. Riverland is part of Dubai Parks and Resort which is gaining a popularity to most of the tourists/locals in UAE. You only need to pay AED20.00 per car for parking fee and voila…you can enjoy Europe in the heart of Dubai free of cost.

This newly opened Dubai Parks and Resort is so huge that each visitors needs to ride in a mini-tram to reach the main gate. We came around 2pm and the queue is lengthy but worry no more as you don’t need to wait much longer because this mini-tram is always available every 3 to 5 minutes.


There’s 3 theme park (LEGOLAND, Motiongate, Bollywood) and 1 water park (LEGOLAND water park) inside Dubai Parks and Resort. Of course, there’s an additional entrance fee on this 4 parks. If you’re short on budget and still want to see the best of Dubai Parks and Resort, then go ahead to Riverland which is the 1st station and portal to all parks.

When we start our walkaton on Riverland, we notice the architectural design of each houses. It’s not a residential house actually but it’s more of stores, establishment and restaurant whereas you only see most of these structure in European country.

Each and every spot in Riverland is a good scenic view. They call it French Village. I was in the bridge when I took this photo and it makes me relax while looking on this man-made river and towering houses.

I’m here in Dubai yet I feel I was in Europe because of these houses. Yehey!

This side of Riverland look likes an alleyways in one of European country I only see in the internet.

Not a typical house you can imagine in Dubai. This is why you must visit Riverland and see it by yourself.

If there’s no sign of Havaianas, I will jump into conclusion that this is a house. Even their store match with European theme.

LEGOLAND is a walking distance from Riverland. Someday, we can pay a visit to you but for now…we’re happy being outsider.

Look at this intricate design made of lego. Amazing!

I’ve been to different Mc Donald in the UAE but this branch is a bit different. Well, it is situated inside Riverland.

On my first  visit with my Dxb family, I took the photo of this restaurant and imagine the feelings of dining inside. Little did I know that simple imagination will attract the possibility when my office mates invited me for pre-Christmas dinner on this restaurant.

This is what we ordered for dinner. The food is good and comes in big serving.  We order some main course, and as per their promo, we got unlimited soup, bread and salad for free. Their gnocchi soup is something you would like to try again and again.

We also visited the Peninsula. Another zone in the Riverland.

The bridge during daytime.

The same bridge sparkling at night.

We are still full after our dinner so we decided to stay a bit and walk around. You can feel the Festive spirit here with these lights in every corner and a Christmas carol serenading you.

A gigantic Christmas tree to complete the season.

Another bar/restaurant to try here next time.

A food truck if you want to buy More



No doubt that scenery in Georgia is superb and breathtaking. It is proven with all the places we visit in a span of 4 days. Aside from the awesome surroundings, our group also enjoy our bonding moment when it comes to food. Our guide, Giorgi, accompany us on a local restaurants so that we can try the authentic Georgian cuisine.

We actually ate from different restaurant and each has their own specialty. Though, some menu are almost alike but in every place we dine in they have at least 1 or 2  something new to offer. Our table is always full but due to our ‘gutom moments‘, these are some of the orders we take and captured by our camera.

We, Filipinos, are all for rice but when we were in Georgia, we often got a bread instead as part of every meal.

ADJARULI KACHAPURI (open cheese bread)


IMERULI KACHAPURI (cheese-stuffed bread)

SHOTIS PURI (traditional bread)





PKHALI BOARD (spinach with wallnut)

SULGUNI CHEESE (similar to mozzarella)


KHINKALI. After eating a lot of steam khinkali, it’s late to figured out that we don’t have any photo except for this fried one. Gutom na nga.

MTSVADI (grilled pork). This is one of the most remarkable cuisine we tried in Georgia. A very simple dish yet so juicy and tasty. Maybe it’s come from animals fed with grass only.

RICE. We thought that we we’ll have it again once we’re back in Dubai but we were surprised when the waiter asked if we want rice. Of course!

CHICKEN (in different cuisine)




CHURCHKHELA . Aka Georgian Snickers. String of nuts covered with dry grape syrup. This is what we bought as pasalubong to our family/friends in Dubai.

BEER. The boys in our group would like to try it. Okay.




Presenting to you..the happy visitors who fell in love with Georgian cuisine.



I heard the opening of Denny’s in Al Ghurair Mall few months ago but I never had the chance to try it even once. So when my cousin and I plan to buy something in Carrefour (also in Al Ghurair) she unexpectedly ask me why not to dine in the same area since we’re spending our time there. I thought we’ll end up again in food court as our usual comfort zone but much to my surprise she wants to try different restaurant. O-oh, I absolutely recommended Denny’s because of (a) good review of my officemate (b) I want, hehe!

dens place

We easily got a table for two and the waiter urgently gave us the menu. It took a while before we confirm our order because every meal listed on it looks yummy and we’re left undecided which one to give it a try. Good thing that all staff are busy assisting other customers so we got more time to choose.

Denny’s, fyi, is all day dining resto located in Al Ghurair Mall. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and super late snacks. I’m not sure if they serve 24hrs now though I read it next to entrance door while waiting for our order. It’s a good news specially to those ‘night’ persons  because they have a good place to dine in any hour of the day.

Denny’s is known for their pancake meal so I order one for myself. I don’t care If I will eat breakfast meal in dinner . After all, most of the customers are trying it out at the same time. Best seller, perhaps.


                                                       CINNAMON PANCAKE

Aside from it, both of us share a plate loaded with what we normally quoted as set of breakfast dish.

Cost: AED 36 including pancake

                                           Cost: AED 36 including pancake

My cousin choose the BBQ chicken skillet as she thinks its perfectly match with carbs included in our breakfast meal.

Cost: AED 46

                                                              Cost: AED 46

We also try Denny’s version of Mozzarella Cheese Stick dip in Spaghetti/Ranch sauce which is a good appetizer.

Cost: AED 28

                                                                 Cost: AED 28

A bottle of water and a glass of fresh orange juice is enough to complete our breakfast while having dinner.

Cost: AED 19

                                                       Cost: AED 19


To cap off our dining experience at Denny’s, I could say it’s good we tried it with ourselves. We finally checked why lot of people recommended this place based on the following reasons:

  1. food taste so good
  2. big serving  that even 2 or 3 pax  can share in one meal
  3. price is definitely less than what you think
  4. an American ambience when you step inside
  5. eat-all-you-can pancake serve for a limited time
  6. open 24hrs (just in case you feel hungry in the middle of the night)

Another must-visit (again) restaurant is added on my list. Thank you Denny’s.  My much awaited breakkie in dinner experience in your place draws smile on my face. Till we meet again.


Blue Orange. A good color combination right? Not on this entry. This is the name of restaurant where we dine in last September 29. It is located in the ground level of The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort in Al Sofouh Road. It was 3rd week of September when we were looking out for a restaurant for our traditional dinner date with all the girls in the office. Then my officemate saw this Blue Orange on online buying site offering a great discount with only condition that voucher can be used only from Saturday to Tuesday between 6pm to 10:30pm which is exactly what we want. It is better for us to go out after work so that we can reserve our weekend for our individual errands. Everybody agreed on Tuesday night and instantly we got our confirmed booking.


We easily found the hotel as well as the restaurant where we booked. The three things I notice after the staff accompany us in our reserved table is 1) big space for diners 2) high ceiling and 3) good interior design. Even my officemates are so fascinated in Blue Orange’s ambience.


Blue Orange is an international restaurant with live cooking station where food can be cook as per your request. That night, we have sumptuous dinner experiencing the best of Thai cuisine, taste of Arabia, food from Indian origin, pasta corner, appetizers and dessert delight.

In Thai station, you can pick the ingredients you want to include in you Tom Yum soup and the Chef will definitely cook it in front of you.



The Roasted Chicken Wings, mixed seafood and Thai noodles is sure winner to all. I even came back for Chicken Panko and Fish Fillet which taste heavenly.

The Roasted Chicken Wings, mixed seafood and Thai noodles is sure winner to all. I even came back for Chicken Panko and Fish Fillet which taste heavenly.

Feed your night with bread of all sizes and different kind of cheese in the corner.



A fresh cut salad is also available. raw cucumber, carrots, okra with squid and lot more (not in photo, sorry) that I tried along with Levantine Fattoush.


My officemate ask Chef to cooked Pasta with Salmon (not in photo) to shared in our table. The salmon added a new texture which in turn give a unique combination that every one likes.

Another type of pasta.

                                                               Another type of pasta.

Every diners has a variety of main course to choose from. I tried mussels in saffron sauce, a slice of slow-cooked sirloin with mixed paella and couscous as side dish.


The dessert corner in Blue Orange is less in number  compare to many buffet restaurant we visited before but I am confident to say that it taste much better. The chef freshly cooked crepes for us then we added some pinch of pistachio, chocolate and top with maple syrup. By the way, I’m happy with their version of Raspberry cake.



Either whole or slice fruits, anyone?

                                                             Either whole or slice fruits, anyone?

We are about to leave when one staff approach us for a surprise. They gave a cute chocolate cake and even sang a birthday song for the celebrant in our group. The cake tastes so good. The day become extra special because of their genuine effort.


Whether they named it Blue Orange because of colorful interior or any unsung story, one thing for sure, you will love to step inside, sit, dine and feel good on their offered food.



Thinking where to spend your Iftar this 2015? Well, one of my co-worker suggests dining in Seasons – one of the prime restaurant nested in Pullman Hotel, Jumeirah Lake Towers. So last July 2, our whole team went there to celebrate our annual Iftar night. You can check below some reasons why you need to include Seasons in your list before Ramadan ends in a few days:



1. Place

I like how they keep it simple yet so chic. We are accompanied to Qamar El Layl – an outdoor tent connected to Terrace Lounge of La Vue Restaurant. There we saw the magical touch of Ramadan theme which is really good if you are coming with a big group. Since our team are less than 20, we better choose the main dining area of Seasons which has an advantage of getting closer to food station. It was easy for us to stand, get some food and dine in again in a repetitive routine.



Being there 1 hour before the opening, we got the chance to roam around and see other exciting view from this restaurant. Well, Seasons has an outdoor hallway that gives you Dubai Marina backdrop as you enjoy your alfresco dinner. I’m not sure if they open it that time because I was so busy attending my tummy’s needs. Haha.


2. Food

One of the best way to break fasting is eating natural sweets like Dates/Prunes/Dry Apricot serve initially on each table. Though the same sweets can be found in any supermarket there’s something special if it serves in a restaurant like Seasons.


If we are going out with this group, on top of the list is finding if they are serving meal suited for our vegetarian staff and this is where they excel. There’s a huge selection of salad/appetizers to choose from. No worries for non-veg like us because the array of main course is worth of your 2nd, 3rd come back. Every dish is cooked savoury and will entice you to get another plate. Seasons also serves camel meat which according to my colleague is always available in local’s wedding but here it is one hand closer to us. For drinks, I order cranberry fresh juice though orange, mango, pineapple and apple juice is also available upon request.


3. Price

It’s not new to us how Iftar buffet price increase tremendously. We are so lucky to find out that our company doesn’t need to pay extra beyond our allotted budget because Seasons offer an affordable price of AED119 per pax in eat-all-you-can style. Okay na di ba.

This is another Iftar night bonding session with my officemates. So thankful that we never fail to celebrate it even though we are facing some economic challenge this month. Good to know there’s still some restaurant like Seasons who can accommodate us in a very simple way.


Street food?!!

Some of you will raise your eyebrows upon hearing this word, right? Others may find it unfavorable to eat because of the usual norm ‘dirt‘ issue. Not all naman. Common peeps, we all grew up in a community where carinderia/food cart is present in our area so we can’t escape the reality of how it became part of our everyday lives. I tried it many times in the Philippines. My friends and I always pay a visit to our favorite isawan in town especially when we need to discuss some matter for any upcoming event. As the calendar shift from one number to another, street food shares popularity in the food industry. From a small table in barangay, to in-house venture in town and now making waves to some restaurant in the city it is obvious how the street food evolves to give us a different outlook.

Imagine our delight when we discover that Dubai has own version of street food market. Different from what we normally saw in an open area, Dubai street food is more exclusive, a bit pa-sosyal yet budget friendly and no question raised on how it is prepared. Nesting in the 1st floor of Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and Towers, Creekside Japanese Restaurant offer a street food market every Saturday. Since Sheraton is a 5 star hotel I’m sure all food in each restaurant complies with highest standard.


Last June 13, our group of 10 excitedly flocks to Creekside Japanese Restaurant to try our 1st ever street food market. Wow! As in we’re all surprise to see the uncongested place, cheerful staffs and the varieties of food on display.


Since we pay for a buffet, we can get anything we want on each station. No limit. Eat all we can. Game!




It’s actually a great feast for us. Everything we see is so palatable. Of course, no isaw here but we got more pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine all in one place. Lahat masarap, promise! I heard only one positive complain: we want to eat more but our tummy is full. The dinner is not yet over but someone is thinking of reserving another date for this kind of treat.




We don’t see any dessert on display but the staff informed us that they will serve it as per request. Don’t worry, it’s free….Wohoooo…


A cup of green tea is always the best treat to end our food trip.


Our experience in Street Food Market is so astounding. The same way I enjoyed our street food trip in the Philippines it was a good catch to find it here in Dubai. We never thought satisfaction had staple with us from the time we seated till we went home. Thankful I say yes to this weekend treat.





A wish from my former and current officemates in Dubai company: to have a grandest reunion in the Philippines. Though we had a simple get-together before we can’t call it ‘grandest’ as we are incomplete that time. The management has stated a rules that no 2 employee will go on vacation on the same month so the thought of each other’s presence in the reunion is far from what we imagine.

As year passed, the universe was kind enough to grant our wish. Me and my other colleague happens to have some days spend in the Philippines while my 2 former officemates was happily settled here and just waiting for our meet up anytime. We thought it would be easy to plan since all of us are now in our home country but prior to our meeting we unexpectedly faced minor challenges. We live in different places. Each one of us has own errands to do and the only free time we could possibly had does not match with one another. We even came to a point to accept that our plan to go out all together couldn’t materialized for now. In short, let’s hope we could make it next time. Ouch! 3 days before I left and only 2 days remaining for my colleague, I receive an sms from them asking if we could give way to our long time plan because sayang ang opportunity andito na rin lang kami. Without any hesitation, it’s a big YES for everybody.

We decided to meet up in SM Aura as this is the central area for all who’s coming from North and South. If there’s one similarities running in our veins way back when we’re all in Dubai it is our love for food, trying out new restaurant, buffet dining and love to chat non-stop till lunch time is over. We want to revive that moment again especially here in the Philippines. Good to know Niu by Vikings has all the description we’re looking for. It became our instant venue for hours.


While we were enjoying the array of international cuisine at Niu, we couldn’t help but feel amaze on how our schedule meets at one point. This is another unforgettable event surrounded by people I only met in Dubai, then introduce as co-worker which eventually became friends and now the same level of friendship is extended beyond 2 countries. Though we live our life separate from each other, got to know the latest via social media/private message, still nothing change when we’re together. We definitely had the best bonding days before and looking forward to more reunion with this group in the future. Till we meet again.

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